Last week was a very interesting week for the West, Kardashian, Rose and Khalifa crew. Kanye talked about changing the name of his album's title and decided to go with Wave. Wiz Khalifa came out and shared his opinions on the name change and said that Max B is the king of the Wave movement. Kanye came back and blasted Wiz on his comments and actually went in and called his bluff on his credibility and even brought Wiz and Amber's son into the fold.

Well there was alot of beefing going back and forth between the camps with Amber Rose getting into the mix. She released some very hard information about Kanye and he actually responded. Then Wiz actually mentioned Kanye's name on stage and actually dropped the porno between Kim and Ray J on the big screen. Well he stopped by the Angie Martinez show to talk about their issues and Kanye West actually apologizing to him and offering the olive branch.



Wiz Khalifa- "King Of Everything":

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