Stoner and hip hop artist Wiz Khalifa is known for taking a puff or two when it comes to hanging with the best of the. But he is also a guy who knows how to craft hits that will be on the charts for awhile. He is known for making songs like "Black And Yellow", "On My Level" and more.

Recently we have found him getting his health in order and packing on a few pounds to step in the ring. I have to admit when I first saw him, I was shocked. He's always been a small frame guy who looked like he could be blown over by the wind. But I believe he is on another level literally.

He stopped by to talk with Sean about those spicy wings and took the test to see if he could handle the fire. Check him out on the latest episode of "Hot Ones".

Wiz Khalifa Takes The Hot Ones Challenge:


Wiz Khalifa- :Rollings Papers 2":

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