A crazed woman assaulted soul singer Lester Chambers after the 73-year old, dedicated a song to Trayvon Martin.


The woman has been identified as 43-year old Dinalynn Andrews Potter.  In the video, she's seen jumping on the stage, then yelling "its all your fault" before shoving the senior to the floor.

In case your unfamiliar, Lester Chambers is lead singer of the soul group The Chambers Brothers.  The singer was performing at the Hayward Russell City Blues Festival in Hayward, CA, Saturday (July 13) when he was attacked.  Apparently what set the woman off was when Mr. Chambers started his rendition of  Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready."

According to his wife, Lola Chambers, her husband was attacked after saying that if Mayfield were alive, he would've changed the lyrics from "there's a train a comin'" to "there's a change a comin'."  Mrs. Chambers continued, "She must have been an acrobat.  She did it in one leap.  He didn't see her coming."

Mr. Chambers was transported to a hospital for a minor injury and released.  His son, Dylan Chambers, later posted a message detailing the injury to his fathers fans on Facebook.  "A bruised rib muscle and nerve damage and he is sore all over."

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