Wyclef Jean's Yéle Haiti foundation is the focus of a lawsuit filed by a consulting firm that claims never got paid.


HVC Global Hospitality Services provided job training for 120 students in May of 2011, and accused Yéle of walking out on a $108,972 bill.

Ever since the 7.0 magnitude earthquake ravaged Haiti in 2010. Wyclef  has been the face of the organization, spearheading fundraising efforts that brought in nearly $2 million for earthquake victims in one day.  However Clefs foundation has been plagued with bad accounting practices and years of delinquent tax bills, and other shady practices.  Because of that after seven years, and $16 million raised, Yéle Hati closed in 2012.

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At Wednesdays (May 1st) final main event press conference for Floyd Mayweather and Robert Gurrero’s May 4th fight, their fathers got into a major confrontation.  Apparently to two  have been throwing insults at one another for the past few months and things finally came to a head.  Here's a look at how it all unfolded.

At the time of the incident, Ruben Gurrero from hurling insults from the podium. So, Mayweather Sr responded by joining him on the same podium while his son did an interview with SHOWTIME.  Things got so heated to two almost got into a physical altercation. After things cooled down Mayweather Jr requested his father be in the media room to avoid putting any people or money in danger:

Just to avoid any conflict.  That’s why I let my father sit down low, in the audience, because I don’t want any conflict.  I’m trying to avoid anyone getting hurt.  If I’m up here and Robert’s up here, and my dad and his dad get to fighting, and they fall on him or fall on me, somebody’s finger gets broke or something happens, somebody gets cut, then we’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars down the drain.

Speaking of which get the rundown as to when and where the fights gonna take place.  All the details are below with Tha Wire.


Finally, here's the latest on the sudden death of rapper Chris Kelly of Kriss Kross.  Sadly Kris Kross AKA Daddy Mac of Kriss Kross was found unconscious in his Atlanta home on Wednesday (May 1) and later died.  According to a police report obtain by TMZ, Kelly’s mother, Donna Kelly Pratt, told authorities that he took what is known as a “speed ball” (cocaine mixed with heroin) Tuesday night. The mother took Kelly back to his Atlanta home that night so he could recover from the drug use as she has done several times before.

Jermaine Dupri,  issued the following statement Thursday (May 2) regarding the death of his friend :


Find out who Chris talked to hours before he died.  Plus, learn more about what his mother had to say.  Press play and here Tha Wire now.