Say it isn’t so. It appears Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) is retiring from the rap game.

On Friday morning (Oct. 14), the South Africa-based rhymer alluded to hanging up the mic during a Facebook Live chat. Bey was making an announcement that he was canceling his European live shows and to make up for them, he plans to perform a live streaming concert in Cape Town for ticket-holders only. Bey promised to perform all of his classic hits as well as new material with Ferrari Sheppard (as the duo Dec. 99th). He will also be taking requests from fans. Bey didn't provided a date of when his Cape Town concert will be live streamed.

While answering a few questions, Bey did reveal that he was “retiring for real this year” as he pursue other creative endeavors in textiles and wherever his art takes him. The 42-year-old rapper-actor did say that he had a couple of films he was obligated to but it appears that he won’t be pursuing any acting gigs as well.

Bey has been keeping himself busy on the music front. The rapper has released a few songs including "HYMN" and "Tall Sleeves" (as Dec. 99th). Bey currently can be seen in A Tribe Called Red's new video for "Red."

As for his legal issues regarding his passport, Bey said during his Facebook Live chat that it's being taking care of but it's a process.

In the end, this bittersweet news for rap fans. For 20 years, Yasiin Bey successfully carve out a career in music, television and film while maintaining his dignity. He's also one of the most socially-conscious rhymers as well. We hope that he reconsiders his thought on retiring.

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