Yo Gotti recently put on a fire performance, literally.

On Friday (June 28), the Memphis rapper had his annual Birthday Bash concert for the seventh year in his hometown. The show featured a eye-popping moment where the rapper's pants caught fire mid-performance. In video of the show, Gotti can be seen onstage giving the crowd a rousing rendition of his hit single "Rake It Up." Gotti puts his foot atop a speaker just as pyrotechnics shoot up at the front of the stage.

A blast of flames catches the rapper on his leg. He continues to twirl around before noticing the fire on his pants. Instead of spazzing out or stopping, dropping and rolling, Gotti keeps his cool and continues to perform. Someone rushes onstage and pats the fire out, and Gotti keeps going like nothing ever happened.

Apparently, Gotti has nerves of steel when he's performing. Earlier this month, a fan rushed the stage during a show in San Antonio, Texas. Gotti's security swiftly tackled the disorderly fan and the rapper didn't appear to bat an eyelash during the brief situation.

In other Gotti-related news, the rapper was recently ordered to pay $6.6 million for a lawsuit with an indie rapper originating from a $20,000 feature.

Check out video of Yo Gotti's pants catching fire and him handling it like a pro below.

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