If you like the often-gender-fluid drip of newer rappers, you should probably thank Young Thug. That's a point the rapper makes in a video he recently posted to social media.

Speaking on the matter of fashion, Thugger doesn't hold anything back with regards to the role he believes he played in popularizing rap fashion trends of today.

“I’m the drip god. I created this shit,” he says in the short video. “I made the way for young niggas to open up and be they self. I did this. I got crucified. They call me gay; they ain’t call y’all niggas gay […] I made y’all tighten y’all jeans up […] I’m the wave god. I’m the master. I’m the founder.”

While tight jeans were already pretty in style by the time Thugger burst onto the national scene half a decade ago, a cursory look at the career of the Atlanta tastemaker does give some credence to his claim. During his time in the spotlight, Thug has been spotted carrying quasi-purses and rocking svelte clothing usually associated with women. The cover of his 2016 album, Jeffery, famously features an image of Thugger rocking a dress. Clearly he's a trendsetter.

The extent of Thugger's claim is up for debate, but maybe he's got a point. Check out what he's got to say for yourself by peeping his video below.

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