One of the hottest artist in the game right now is Young Thug. He came on to the scene nationally a couple of years ago and has been making plenty of noise since then.

He is currently riding high off of the success of his latest single called "Best Friend". While the song is steadily moving up the charts, Alot of people are jamming to it, but have no idea of what he is saying. Well being that he has a great sense of humor, he did a video where he is actually reading the lyrics to the song so that you can now comprehend.


Young Thug Reads Lyrics to "Best Friend":


I work in radio and I can honestly say that the only words I knew was the chorus. Now that the video of the lyrics has been disclosed, you can now check out the actual video of the song and sing a long. Make sure you download his latest album "Slime Season" now and check out "Best Friend' and some of the others tracks from the album.


Young Thug- "Best Friend":