Lyor Cohen, head of 300 Ent., has confirmed that Young Thug's Slime Season 3 drops tonight (March 25). It looks to be an iTunes release, but Lyor seems to be relieved that it's getting flushed out because now he has his eyes set on the official album HiTunes. 

In a series of new videos on Snapchat this morning, Lyor talked about both projects. "About 16 hours before SS3 comes out. Incredible," he says in the video above. "The end of a series. It's finished."

In the two videos below, he talks about how the proper album HiTunes is where the real value is. "As much as I love SS3, the joints Thug's made for HiTunes are nothing short of..." says Lyor before getting cut off. "It's next level," he continues, "and it confirms to me why development is the missing link in the entire music business."

It sure looks like 300 wants 2016 to be the Year of the Thug. Earlier this week Thug announced the HiTunes tour with a bizarre but beautiful video of him riding a horse. The tour starts May 1 in Philly and you can check out the full dates in the video below. Lil Yachty will be joining him.

It's been a big week for Thug. Yesterday (May 24) the Atlanta MC stopped by Elton John's crib to play the piano legend his new version of "Rocket Man," which Elton personally blessed weeks ago. According to Thug's manager, Elton said he has a "great voice."

The "Rocket Man" reboot reportedly won't be on SS3, but considering how much of a potential hit that song may be, we might hear it on HiTunes.

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