YoungBoy Never Broke Again delivers an extremely unexpected remake.

On Thursday (Dec. 12), the rapper unloaded "Dirty Iyanna," a new song addressing life in the streets and his ex-girlfriend, Iyanna Mayweather, who is the daughter of Floyd Mayweather, Jr.  The song is a remake of Michael Jackson's 1988 song, "Dirty Diana."

Wielding some Auto-Tune, NBA YoungBoy belts his heart out over the timeless electric guitar of the Michael Jackson track. "You never make me lose/So how you bring it on me?/Your haze was cruel, I was fooled/I was too blind to see/My I.D. cover the news/Seems only trouble I keep/You was the one I would choose," he sings on the track.

In the video itself, YoungBoy kicks it and plays video games in his crib, where he's set to be on house arrest for the next several months after violating probation last May. Outside, a masked woman slashes the tire of one of his vehicles. Eventually, the mysterious woman is surrounded by YoungBoy's security.

By the end of the video she lifts her mask and reveals herself to be Iyanna, who was rumored to have slashed YoungBoy's tire months ago. Pretty wild twist, and considering she popped up in the visual, it's pretty safe to say they're on decent terms after their split.

Check out the video for yourself below.

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