Lake Charles native Yung Ceo had the clubs bumping with "Reach My Level" and now he is back and doing it for the ladies. The single is called "Hold Me Down" which debuted back in February and when I tell you, it's something that everyone can enjoy. It's definitely got the grown folks vibe with this song.

Well the video premiered on today and for those who haven't seen it. You need to get on the phone and tell everyone to check this one out. It features another native of Lake Charles Shae Williams on the hook and also singer Chrizz Michaels. I love the visuals and the acting, but the song is one for the playlist. Peep out the video below and let me know your thoughts.


Yung Ceo feat Chrizz Michaels & Shae Williams- "Hold Me Down":

Props to the fam, make sure you get out there and support the single and watch the video over and over and over. Also be on the lookout for more new music from all of the artist featured on the track.


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