The Mo City Don has returned. After popping up in the music video for Scarface's "Fuck You Too," Z-Ro is back with a new track of his own called "Shake Life." The song sees him teaming up with fellow Houston rap veteran Slim Thug on a hard-knocking production.

As you might surmise from the song title, "Shake Life" is about an eventful night at the strip club. Z-Ro and Slim Thug each give firsthand accounts of their trip to the club while Ro handles the catchy hook.

This new track from Z-Ro and Slim Thug seems like another tease for their long rumored album. There's been talks of the two doing a collaborative LP for years, but it appears that singles such as "Shake Life" are the best fans will get. Z-Ro told XXL last year that the project remains in limbo.

"To tell you the truth, your guess and everybody else’s guess is as good as mine," Z-Ro said of the album with Slim Thug . "Where shit stands right now, we were 42 songs into recording some shit. All of a sudden, it was brought to me that we should split the songs in half and just put them on our individual solos. Last time I visited the situation, that’s what it was. So I’ve just been focusing on getting this Z-Ro shit ready 'cause it looks like that shit is up in the air right now."

There's no word if Z-Ro has a new solo project in the works, but Slim Thug is set to release his new album Hogg Life Vol. 4 later this year.

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