According 11 Alive, a step-father in Athens, Georgia has been charged for assaulting a 16-year-old boy, who he caught in the shower with his 16-year-old step daughter.

After 49-year-old Clinton Antonio Ward discovered the two teens in the shower together  he waited for them to emerge. When them came out of the bathroom his step daughter was wrapped in a towel, and the teenage boy was nude. After pushing his step daughter out of the way and apparently hitting her in the face as well, Ward went after the teenage boy and pushed him up against a wall where he began to punch him in his chest and face. Ward was arrested after he called 911 himself to report an unknown teen in his home.

Ward was booked and charged with battery and cruelty to children. The stepdaughter told police that Ward was not home when they stepped into the shower. The girls stepfather thought she was talking to someone on speakerphone.

Boy was he wrong...

My question to all of you who are reading this now is, do you think Ward was in the wrong? Would you have done the same, or could this situation have been handled differently?