A prisoner in South Carolina thinks he's got the perfect plan to help rapper Gucci Mane beat federal charges and get out of jail. 

(Photo by Fulton County Sheriff's Office via Getty Images)

An inmate in South Carolina is trying to help rapper Gucci Mane beat his federal charges and get out of jail.  Mind you, dude is currently locked up himself!  In spite of that, 51-year old Jerry Lewis Dedrick wants to become Gucci’s lawyer and feels he has the perfect plan to get the rapper released from jail.   TMZ reports Dedrick wants to file a motion arguing that possessing a gun isn’t a crime.

Of course, he obviously is unaware of a couple of small details: 1. Gun possession is a crime if you’re a convicted felon and 2. He’s not a lawyer, so he ain't filing anything.  But I guess you can’t blame the man for trying. Right?

Meanwhile, Gucci Mane is facing 20 years in federal prison and fines up to $500,000.  The rapper is accused of having a loaded handgun on two separate occasions and making threats to individuals, including police and his own attorney among several other charges.