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Callie Is The 107 Jamz Dog Of The Week [VIDEO]
This is Callie!  She's an American Pit Bull Terrier and about 2-years old.  Callie is an amazing dog and her story is one of tragedy, courage and the sheer will to live.  When she came to Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue, she was barely 20 pounds and near death from starvation alone.…
107 Jamz Dog Of The Week Updates
The Peoples Station 107 Jamz and Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue are making a huge impact with the "Dog of The Week" series. Here's an update on what we've achieved.
Bobbi Kristina Willed Entire Estate! –Tha Wire [VIDEO]
As know real surprise, Whitney Houston left her pride and joy Bobbi Kristina EVERYTHING.  Whitney took care of her business that's for sure, careful to dot every i and cross every t when it came to her daughter.  A 19-page court document perfectly laid out the way Whitney wanted her b…