With the cost of living at an all-time high, just having employment isn't enough. Most people these days have to get a side hustle to make ends meet. However, if you are interested in making a career change or nearing graduation and entering the job market soon, there are some great employment opportunities here in Louisiana.

The Career Experts at Zippia have a helpful website that connects job seekers to the best companies to work for in their state. For instance, if you're looking for a specific employment opportunity, search by your Major and see what companies are interested in hiring you. Each year Zippia curates a new list using an unbiased, data-based assessment of the top companies.

A list of the 100 Best-Paying Companies To Work For in Louisiana is available now. One by one, they evaluated each company and detailed info about what they do, where they are located, when they opened, the number of employees, etc.

Most importantly, they ranked Louisiana's Best 100 Companies based on the four things that matter most to employees: salary, employee diversity, employee ratings, and company financial health. Some companies may have a higher starting pay than others but may not be better to work for than others offering a lower base pay. So, pay close attention to the company's ratings.

You can see the entire list online. For the sake of time, I wanted to highlight Zip pia's Top 10 Best Paying Companies To Work For In Louisiana, and they are as follows:

10.) Iv-aga - The average annual salary -  $71,481 

#9.) Brown & Root Industrial Services - The average annual salary - $52,762 

#8.) Baton Rouge Clinic - The average annual salary -  $39,090

#7.) Offshore Energy Svc.Inc. - The average annual salary -  $39,082 

#6.) Camelback Ventures - The annual salary -  $46,000 

#5.) The New Orleans Saints - The average annual salary - annual salary -

#4.) Agenda For Children - The average employee at Agenda for Children makes $35,216

#3.) Coil Tubing Partners - The average annual salary - $53,560

#2.) Ampol - The average annual salary - $50,683 

#1.) Frilot LLC Law Firm - The average annual salary -  $63,318

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