If you have a wood-burning fireplace, please read this post before you set logs on the fire this winter. Chimney cleaning experts urge everyone to get their chimneys inspected and cleaned every year. It is imperative to know that a well-maintained residential chimney is crucial for your family's safety.

Did you know chimneys are the #1 cause of house fires started by home heating systems? As the weather turns cold and winter draws near, experts share 10 Reasons You Should Clean Your Chimney Before Lighting A Fire.

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1.) Find Out If Your Fireplace and Chimneys Are Damaged:

  • A lot can happen in a year at the top of your house. Until you professionally have your fireplace and chimney inspected, you don't know what condition they're in. This is especially true for older systems or those that haven't been cleaned or inspected for a while.

2.) Cresolsote Is Highly Flammable:

  • Cresolsote is the build-up caused by burning firewood and smoke. This by-product sticks to the interior lining of your chimney and is highly flammable.

3.) Preventing Hazardous Obstructions:

  •  Professional chimney sweeps can efficiently remove hazardous obstructions such as creosote buildup but also animal nests, accumulated debris and dust, and paper or plastics that were blown into the chimney by high winds and bad weather.

4.) Identifying Hidden Issues:

  • Professional chimney cleaners can identify hidden issues like cracks due to old mortar or failing firewalls and bricks. Early detection of structural problems, including water damage, can save homeowners from costly repairs and ensure that all chimney components work correctly and effectively to keep your family and home safe.

5.) Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:

  • A clean and well-maintained chimney ensures efficient airflow and proper gas release. Chimney ducts not only vent smoke but also allow for dangerous gases like carbon monoxide. The fall season is a good time to safeguard against health risks for the well-being of the household.

6.) Improving Heating Efficiency:

  • A clean, clear chimney allows for better airflow and combustion, improving heating efficiency. By removing blockages and obstructions, professional chimney cleaning ensures the fireplace operates optimally, maximizing heat output and minimizing energy wastage.

7.) Facilitating Chimney Inspections:

  • Takes care of the chimney's exterior and attachments to ensure they work correctly. This includes an inspection of either -  Chimney Cap, as the name implies, caps off the top of the chimney to prevent rain and debris from entering. A Chimney Cowl attaches to the vent and helps regulate airflow to avoid downdraught and moisture buildup.

8.) Enhancing Home Value and Safety Compliance:

  • For homeowners planning to sell their property, a well-maintained chimney adds value to the home. Some insurance policies may require regular chimney cleaning, so review your policy. Make sure you comply with safety standards. Regardless, this maintenance will reduce the risk of insurance claims being denied.

9.) Peace of Mind:

  • Knowing that your fireplace and chimney are functioning safely and efficiently, you can relax. This lets you enjoy the ambiance and warmth without worrying about potential hazards.

10.) Set A Chimney Inspection In The Fall:

  • Winter is the busiest time for chimney cleaning companies. It may be weeks before they can work you in. That means you won't be able to enjoy your fireplace when you want or risk your family's safety by using a potentially dangerous system. Avoid premature deterioration and the need for costly replacements.

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