Fall began September 23, and we are finally getting a chance to enjoy cooler weather. Now is the perfect time for homeowners to get out and get some work done on the exterior. Whether it be touching up cracking paint or adding new weather stripping on the doors and windows.

According to the experts, the fall is the perfect time to prepare our homes for the upcoming winter months. Take advantage of the changing temps for exterior home maintenance, to make necessary repairs, and/or improvements. Make a repair checklist and do your best to complete those tasks before thermostats drop to freezing. DIY home advisor and interior designer Charlotte Smith has an excellent fall checklist to help get your house winter-ready:

  • Clean your gutters
  • Change your AC/heater filters
  • Turn off outdoor spigots
  • Caulk around windows and doors
  • Check/replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, the fall is also an excellent time to inspect and clean your chimney. Outside of smoke residue, chimneys can collect some debris, such as twigs, leaves, and wildlife nests. Chimney caps or wire mesh screens are the best way to prevent this, and now is a good time to install one if you haven't already. These obstructions can create a severe problem with airflow and provide fuel for a fire if not taken care of.

    • Check/replace damaged soffit vents
    • Inspect the roof attic space for signs of leaks or pests
    • Check fire extinguishers
    • Get your chimney inspected and cleaned
    • Lubricate/oil garage door chain, door, and hinges

Enjoy the fall weather! For more great tips on how and when to do maintenance on your home, check out the Home Maintenance Guide. No matter the season, it offers sound advice on staying on top of seasonal home maintenance.

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