When I woke up on yesterday morning and prepared to get out to "Spring Bling". I checked Facebook and all I saw were post saying R.I.P Nick Moss. Things were kind of unknown pertaining to his death, although later according to KTRE.com it was reported that it was due to being struck by a vehicle late Friday Night.

Erik Tee
Erik Tee

I have had the chance to talk with Nick on various occasions and really respected his drive at such a young age. Another thing I liked was his style, he had recently gotten away from the secular side of Hip Hop and really started rallying for christ with his music. But don't get it twisted he could roll with the best of them. I have had the chance to interview him several times and every now and then offered a few words of encouragement on ideas of his, It is truly sad as we never know when it's our time and losing him at such a young age makes this even more troubling.


I want to personally send my condolences to his family at this difficult time and let the family know that he was a good young man and truly gifted. I am happy that he had the chance to release music over the years and for those who were unfamiliar with his music, check out some of his videos below.

Nick Moss- "Calling For Me":

Nick Moss- "In The Gap":

 Nick Moss Performs At "Word Of Hope Church":

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