Today in Tha Wire 2 Chainz and Nancy Grace go toe-to-toe over marijuana being legalized for recreation and Jay Z signs another superstar athlete to Roc Nations Sports.


2 Chainz- photo by Donald Bowers via Getty Images

2 Chainz was a guest on Nancy Grace's HLN show Tuesday (Jan. 13) for according to, a spirited debate on the legalization of marijuana.  Of course Chainz supports making the herb legal and Mrs. Grace does not.

The 36-year-old rapper held his own and went toe-to-toe with the former prosecutor-turned TV host for 10 minutes, but neither had a problem disagreeing with each other.  After reporting stories of child abuse that involved marijuana and other drugs, including alcohol, Grace made her point using examples of broken homes being a result of recreational marijuana use.  Arguing making it legal would only lead to further irresponsible parenting.  Adding it would only increase the number of children being introduced to the drug by their parents or being led to believe that being high is OK, because mom and dad do it.

Not so, says Chainz.  He said,  “I don’t think you can put an umbrella on a whole community."  When Grace asked, "what community?"  Chainz replied, "The stoners community, I just feel like you can't use these stories to define everybody [that uses marijuana recreationally].”  The two go back and forth, each making their positions clear. For more, check-out the video below.

Currently marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational use in 4 states and they are Colorado, Washington, Hawaii and Oregon.  There's a total of 23 states where marijuana is legal for medical use only.  For more details see the State Marijuana Laws map and for more info, see the Laws, Fees, and Possession Limits.

Jay Z continues to make power moves, by signing America's elite athletes to his Roc Nation Sports brand.  Following the drama over the 4 million deal boxer Adrien Broner stuck his nose up at, Jigga is on to the next one and inked a deal former Georgia Bulldogs running back Todd Gurley.

TMZ, reports the rap icon added the  6-foot, 1-inch, 236-pound superstar athlete to his roster over the weekend.  This time around the numbers surrounding the contract are being kept on the hush.  Despite being in violation of NCAA guidelines for selling autographs, Gurley is still expected to be a first round draft pick for the 2015/2016 NFL season.

TheBoomBox reports, the Baltimore native wrapped-up his 2014 college football season with a record of 911 total rushing yards and nine touchdowns.  Some have speculated had he not had a four-game suspension, he would've been a clear front-runner for the Heisman, which went to University of Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota instead.

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