ATL's own 2 Chainz is teaming up with the Hip-Hop Caucus "Respect My Vote" campaign to remind people to get registered and vote in the up coming presidential election November 6th this year.  By the way, did you know their is a deadline to get registered to vote if you plan on voting in the presidential election?


There is!  You must be registered to vote by October 8th or you can NOT vote in the presidential election!  So don't procrastinate, voting is the single most powerful thing you can do.  Don't waste your opportunity.  To give you an idea as to what the Hip-Hop Caucus is all about, here's what they were up to in 2010.



This year Hip-Hop 2 Chainz has been name the spokesman for the 2012 "Respect My Vote" Campaign.  Chainz said of the honor "It meant so much to me when I learned that I had the right to vote, because I'm an ex-felon, who has been blessed with the opportunity to completely turn my life around and become a positive influence to my family and community.  It's very important that once disenfranchised men and women know they can be a part of American democracy again, they have a second chance.  I'm honored to be a spokesperson for the 2012 "Respect My Vote" campaign, and to be a part of a movement where celebrities and the community can work together to promote empowerment through political participation."

The Hip-Hop Caucus' non-partisan effort is aimed at mobilizing young voters between the ages of 18 and 40, registering new voters and educating felons about their voting rights.  Register to vote now!

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