Every election is important. If your not registered to vote, you can't exercise your right as a citizen of the United States of American.  It's time to get involved, whether your 17 or 47. Today October 9th until 4:30pm, you have an opportunity to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election.  It is also the last day to take care of any other voter business, like name or address changes etc.  GO TODAY!

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107 Jamz is here to help you get all your voting business taken care of prior to the deadline of October 9th.  If you or someone you know needs to register to vote.  We got you.  If you changed your name through marriage or divorce we will guide you through the proper procedures.  If you moved since the last time you voted, we will be on hand to assist you.  If you've been incarcerated and finished all of your legal obligations and either are not registered to vote or haven't voted for a long time.  We got you covered.

To register to vote, you need to bring proof of age, residency, and identity. You may submit your current Louisiana driver's license, birth certificate or other documentation which reasonably and sufficiently establishes your identity, age and residency.  You may go in person and register at the Calcasieu Register of Voters office here in Lake Charles at the court house (the one with the dome on top) here in Lake Charles on the second floor room #7 the number to call is 337-437-3572.  Log onto geauxvote.com and register online.

Election Day is November 6th. Stand up and be counted!-Facebook

Here in Louisiana, we will not only elect or re-elect the President of The United States, but we will also elect someone to represent us in Congress as well.  Plus, there will be 9 amendments on the ballet as well.  Remember an educated voter is a powerful voter.  The best rule of thumb when it comes to voting is look at the sample ballot.  Second, make a cheat sheet of all your voting answers before going to the polls and bring it with you, that way your voting process will be quick and precise.


So, where do you start?  Look at the sample ballot for the November 6th elecetion here, check off what you want to vote on and print it out.  Not sure what your precinct is or what polling location your suppose to vote at?  Click here for the full Calcasieu Parish polling listings.  For other Louisiana polling locations click here.










Here are your candidates for the President of The United States of America:


President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden-Barackobama.com

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden


Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan-Mittromney.com

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

Here are your candidates running for the United States Congress.


Ron Richard-Facebook




Ron Richard-Democrat




Charles Boustany-Facebook




Charles Boustany-Republican




Bryan Barrilleaux-youtube




Bryan Barrilleaux- Republican




Jim Stark-Facebook




Jim Stark-Libertarian




Jeff Landry-jefflandry.com



Jeff Landry-Republican





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Here is a list of the amendments and what it means to vote for or against them:

1. Medicaid Trust Fund

2. Right To Bear Arms

3. Public Pension Bill Filing

4. Property Tax Exemption For Spouses Of Deceased Veterans

5. Denying Public Retirement Benefits To Any Person Convicted Of A Felony During His/Her Public Service or Employment

6. New Iberia Property Tax Exemption

7. Restructuring The Membership Of Constitutional Boards and Commissions

8. Property Tax Exemption By The Board Of Commerce And Industry

9. Providing Notice For Laws Creating Special Security Districts

Vanessa and Angela Simmons-respectmyvote.com



A good source to read the amendments in plan English is to go to parlouisiana.com.  REGISTER TO VOTE NOW, click here.