Louisiana families are sure to enjoy this weekend.  As we get our kids back to school, everybody's pockets are low.  The good news is today and tomorrow (August 7 & 8) we all can save some money during the 2015 Louisiana Annual Sales Tax Holiday.

During this tax free weekend, just about all your retail purchases are going to be exempt from the four percent state sales tax.  However we'll still have to pay local sales taxes on purchases.

Make sure you hold on to your back-to-school receipts too!  Those supplies, uniforms, and equipment may qualify for tax deductions on your 2015 Tax Returns next year. These deductions not only apply to expenses for public school, but also private, parochial, and home schools. For more info on the Louisiana School Tuition and Expense Tax Deductions, visit www.revenue.louisiana.gov/schooldeduction.

Of course there are some conditions during the two-day sales tax holiday.  You are exempt from paying taxes up to the first $2500 of most of your purchases.   The sales tax holiday does not apply to the following items:

1.) Vehicles subject to title and license

2.) Meals prepared for consumption on premises or to-go; and

3.) Taxable services like as hotel stays, leases or rentals of personal property

4.) laundry services, printing services, telecommunication services, the furnishing of cold storage space, repairs to personal property, and admission to sports/athletic events, amusement, or recreational parks or facilities.

For more details visit www.revenue.louisiana.gov/taxholiday.



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