There are 17 states with tax-free weekends this year. This is a great time to shop because you can save a lot of money! The sales tax holiday months and dates will vary depending on the state. It's also important to point out that the exemptions usually only apply to purchasing specific items. Those items can include emergency- and weather-preparedness items, energy-saving appliances, and back-to-school.

This weekend is an opportunity to save money in many states, especially if you're looking for back-to-school deals. But unfortunately, Louisiana ain't one of them! In fact, Louisiana residents have missed out on sales tax holidays since 2018. Here's the reason why.

So, basically, we can thank our lawmakers for forgetting to add this money-saving benefit for millions of Louisianians. Residents in the Bayou States will have to wait for legislation to re-up on sales tax holidays in Louisiana until 2025!  Nice. Well, here's the good news. Texas is celebrating a tax fee weekend all weekend long, August 11-13.

So, if you feel like driving across the border you can rack up on all things back-to-school! Here are the qualifying tax-free items:

By the way, during back-to-school tax holidays, you can save big on major purchases such as desktop computers or laptops. According to, shop around for the best prices before you buy.  Another way to stretch your dollar is to shop at kids' consignment shops for clothes and shoes. Just make sure they are participating in the tax-free holiday first. You might also want to try shopping on apps or websites like Google Shopping or Flipp to search for products by name and compare their prices at multiple merchants.

Do your research ahead of time. Happy shopping!

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