The November 6, 2018 Midterm General Election is two weeks away now. President Barack Obama breaks down 7 excuses that people use as a reason not to vote.

Whoever controls the majority control of Congress, controls the government. Here's a quick breakdown on the Legislative Branch and how this all works:

Congress has the power to keep the President of The United States in check, they are the only entity that can impeach the President, they have the authority to make new laws and change existing ones. It consists of the Senate and House of Representatives. The House is made up of 435 elected State Representatives, divided among the 50 states. The Senate is composed of 100 Senators, 2 for each state. There are 6 non-voting members, representing the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and four other territories of the United States. The officer best known as The Speaker of the House, elected by the Representatives, and is third in the line of power to the President.

1.) Every single spot in the House is going to be on the ballot. Republican State Representatives hold the majority in Congress right now, and they want to keep it that way by being re-elected. Are you happy with the direction our country is going in? Do you think it's better to have a one-sided view, and no checks and balance? Do you think wealthy white men, over the age of 75, have a clear understanding about your needs or know what it is to be poor? What about the latest technology, and protecting the country from the newest threat...Cyberwarfare?

2.) Democrat State Representatives across the nation are running for Republican seats, and seek to balance the power in Washington. In November they hope to take more control of Congress, so that the body will work as our forefathers intended, with a left and right point of view. More Democrats in Congress will also help gain authority over the major changes President Trump intends to make with Constitutional laws, that will severally effect veterans, the elderly, women, minorities and members in the LGBT community in America.

3.) Which party gets control, or keeps control of Congress is up to you.

5.) What's at stake if things remain the same? A whole lot, especially if you are a a person in the groups mentioned above! Look for massive changes to various 1st Amendment rights like the freedom of speech/press/media/right to protest, and more. Disabling key elements of the 14th  Amendment like major clauses -Citizenship, Due Process, and Equal Protection. Massive changes to Women's Rights which will greatly effect the right to choose. Disable Affirmative Action which will strip minorities of the protection from discrimination. Undo Obama regulations that make sure the Clean Air/Clean Water Act are being mandated. Take away Obama era LGBT Rights, completely abolish the Affordable Care Act by breaking a promise and removing pre-existing coverage, end America's Foreign Aid, and Meals On Wheels. In contrast add more funding to build more prison camps for Trumps Immigration and Customs Enforcement, better known as ICE, more funding for the Space Force Project

All voters have an opportunity to vote early. You don't need a special reason, this is just an extra 8-days for you to vote other than November 6, 2018. Take advantage of this, and get it out of the way.

EARLY VOTING IN CALCASIEU PARISH - October 23 (except Sunday, Oct. 28) - October 30, 2018


Parish Courthouse, 1000 Ryan Street - Room 7, Lake Charles
Voting hours are 8:30 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.

500 A North Huntington St., Bldg. B, Sulphur
Voting hours are 8:30 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.

261 Parish Rd., Moss Bluff

Here is a SAMPLE BALLOT. Take notes or download the geauxvote mobile app. You can make your selections on the phone, and bring it in the voter booth with you. By the way there will be 6 very important Constitutional Amendments on the ballot. They are as follows:

A vote FOR prohibits convicted non-pardoned felons from seeking or holding public office until five years after completion of sentence.

A vote AGAINST allows convicted felons to qualify to hold office after serving a sentence.

A vote FOR would require unanimous jury decisions for verdicts in non-capital felony cases for offenses committed after 2018.

A vote AGAINST would maintain that at least 10 of 12 jurors must agree for verdicts in non-capital felony cases.

A vote FOR would allow donations of the use of public equipment and personnel from one political subdivision to another under the Constitution.

A vote AGAINST would continue to require that local governments receive comparable value for any donation provided to another governmental entity.

A vote FOR would remove the authority to use money in the Transportation Trust Fund by state police for traffic control purposes.

A vote AGAINST would continue to allow a portion of the Transportation Trust Fund to be used by state police for traffic control purposes.

A vote FOR would extend eligibility for certain special property tax treatments to property held in trust.

A vote AGAINST would Keep eligibility for certain special property tax treatment restricted to the owner of the property.

A vote FOR would require a four-year phase-in of tax liability for homes subject to the homestead exemption when a reappraisal increases assessments by more than 50%

A vote AGAINST would continue to require all homeowners to pay taxes owed on the same basis according to the assessed values

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