Today in Tha Wire in an update on the A$AP Rocky arrest, the rap superstar is still locked up in a Swedish jail. As previously reported the rapper and his entourage posted several videos of them being followed and harassed by two belligerent Swedish men. The stars bodyguard, made countless attempts to stop the men from following their group as the walked down the streets of Stockholm. Despite their best efforts to avoid a confrontation Rocky and his crew eventually had enough, and gave the men what they were begging for... a good ass whoopin'.

TMZ reports Rocky did engage in the fight, BUT the rapper and his team tolerated more than hour of taunting, and racial slurs, including being attacked with headphones before finally beating the hell of the guys. The rapper went to the police station to try and get ahead of the whole situation. He reported the fight, and give a statement in regard to his participation in the street brawl. It's unclear if he told police he had video to prove the two men incited the fight.

In stead of looking into Rocky's complaint, the rapper was arrested along with three members of his entourage. Swedish police did not issues any charges or arrest the two men responsible for the brawl and don't appear to be interested in the role they played in the incident. A$AP is in major trouble and now cut-off from the safety of his security, and management. TMZ reports he is reportedly being held in isolation, being permitted from speaking to anyone from the U.S. Embassy in Sweden and now facing charges that could keep him in a Swedish prison for up to six years!

The 25th Anniversary of The Essence Music Festival is now over, but highlights from this years event are still being talked about. The festival marked another HUGE success for NOLA merchants, vendors, restaurants and the hotel industry as hundreds of thousands converged on their city. In addition with the 2020 Presidential Election months away, politics played a major role in this years festival as well. The former
First Lady Michelle Obama, hit the main stage Saturday for a very candid interview with 
Gayle King. See the interview below:


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