Today in Tha Wire all hell broke out in Stockholm, Sweden with Harlem bred MC A$AP Rocky and members in his crew. AllHipHop reports the rapper/model posted two or three videos showing snippets of what was happening. Details are still sketchy and it hasn't been revealed as to why the rapper was in Sweden in the first place, only that the incident occurred over the weekend. In the footage you can clearly see that the music star and his security are being followed by two men. Then hear Rocky and his bodyguards trying to get the guys to move on, asking them to stop following them. Even after one of the guys violently broke his headphones over Rocky's bodyguards head, none of the rappers entourage fought back.

Rocky posted the videos below on his IG page and despite being attack his security guard remained calm and continued to try and reason with the men. Unfortunately he wasn't successful. At one point Rocky put his hand on one of the guys shoulder telling him, "We don't wanna fight y'all. We're not trying to go to jail."

Two women stepped in and tried to help by translating for Rocky and his guys. As that was happening two other women approached the scene and tell the rap star and crew, "those two guys just grabbed our butts" when we passed them by earlier. According to witnesses the rapper and his crew sprung into action and beat the hell of the guys.

TMZ and multiple media sites reported that the A$AP Rocky whose real name is Rakim Mayers, was later arrested. The rapper along with at least three members of his entourage were taken into custody by Swedish police late Tuesday evening. They all face various charges. Police didn't arrest the two men who started this whole thing.

According to reports police and an ambulance were called out to the scene, and by the time they arrived the fight was over and one of the men was supposedly still laid out from his butt whoppin. Rocky and his people were arrested and charged with Suspected Assault. It's unclear if they are still in custody at this time. This story is still under investigation and so we will continue to update this you as more news becomes available.

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