Special Days Event Calendar offers great opportunities for the public to get free or discounted access to the various events at the rodeo each day. In addition, the visitors are treated to educational experiences on things like tractor mechanics, 4-H and FFA competitions, and highlights on Mexican culture, Veterans, Black heritage, persons with disabilities, the American western lifestyle, first responders, law enforcement, and more.

Guests can enjoy free admission to the Park until noon. Then there will be additional discounts to the rodeo, which include buy one get one ride and games. Visitors can also get discounted food and beverage offerings and community activations.

See five professional Mariachi groups from across Texas compete in the first round, The Showcase. They will participate in two rounds of competition where judges score them in several categories: showmanship, musicianship, creativity, and more. Two finalists will advance to the final round in NRG Stadium. The Semifinals are held in The Hideout at NRG Park on Go Tejano Day.

March 12 - GO TEJANO DAY
Guests can check out live entertainment on the Stars Over Texas Stage, the Champion Wine Garden, and the Mariachi Invitational Semifinals in The Hideout. The winner will be determined by audience applause. All participants will walk away with cash prizes ranging from $1,000 to the first-place prize of $7,500!

Visitors can enjoy the colorful Fiesta Charra in the NRG Center Main Arena. The amazing exhibition is a beautiful display of traditional Mexican folk dance, music, and horseback riding.

Head to Houston and check out all the competitions, live entertainment, great food, and shopping. For more exciting activities and events, check out the complete schedule HERE!

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