21 Savage has been keeping a low profile since his February arrest for being an alleged illegal immigrant. But he hasn’t stopped recording music.

In a new Billboard cover story the outlet published on Thursday (April 11), the Atlanta rapper revealed that he’s sitting on two albums worth of material, but he told the publication that he's in no rush to release them.

21 is also mulling over how much of his experience dealing with the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement he wants to put in his music. The Grammy-nominated rapper feels it his responsibility to inform his fans about his immigration plight but he also doesn’t want to attract more attention to him from ICE.

“He’s not really a big talker; he lets his music speak for itself,” Justin “Meezy” Williams told Billboard. “As his manager, I would love for him to speak [in his lyrics] about being detained. I think eventually it will be in the music, because he’s becoming such a big voice.”

In the end, 21 Savage wants fans to be patient while he continues to fight his deportation case, which has been adjourned with no confirmed rescheduled date. “Just stay down with me and wait," said 21.

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