Wow, believe it or not it has been 30 years since to introduction of the compact disc. Or in simpler terms the cd. I remember the first time  I actually received a cd of my own which was BBD "Poison". Of course I didn't have anything to play it on, but it was the principle of having one.

The times are definately changing now and although I am still old school and love to have my cds for the credits and just safe keeping. They are about to vanish into thin air like the 8 tracks. Oh am I the only one who remembers those. The very first one to be released was in 1985 and it was for Billy Joel 52nd Street and this was the beginning of the wave of the futures. You could get more music on their then a regular album and we actually thought that It could not be scratched, boy were we wrong. Nowadays, everyone is going to amazon, I-tunes or other outlets to download it straight to there i-phones, i-pods, pads or other, but again I still like the feel of that cd. I look throught the book and see who produced what track and who is featured on the album. Now my mom, nor wife is probably crazy about the fact that they take up alot of space, but I love it. Thanks for the invention of the compact disc and possibly if not for the uproar of bootlegging and illegal downloading, then maybe we would still have it to be as big today as it was yesterday. I still treasure mine, but fully understand that the time has come for me to prepared myself for goodbyes.


Erik Tee/Compact Disc in Erik Tee's Office

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