3rd Base legend MC Serch entered the world of hip-hop in the mid-’80s and be it on the radio, through film, and reality TV his never stopped representing the genre. Now the rap icon is trying his hand at his own talk show, simply called ‘Serch’.


The show, premiered this past Monday and just  so you’ll know he won’t be inviting big names in the music biz or feature celeb to perform or interview.  Serch is looking to help people, somewhat like the way Ricki Lake and Maury Povich aimed to do.

In case you missed it, in the introduction to his show Serch explained, “I want to do this show because I want to help someone through their conflict and get back on their grind with a better state of mind.”  But don’t get it twisted there won’t be any Jerry Springer drama going on.  Here's a look at the first episode.

Serch told the Miami Herald “Instead of watching conflict for conflict’s sake, I think people would like to see a show that gives them resolution. … People will be interested in the conflict — oh, look what that guy has gotten himself into — but also the resolution — oh, look at this guy, he’s finally getting some help.”

Listen to Tha Wire below and find out when and on what network the next episode airs.

(Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Belvedere)

Finally, Robin Thicke‘s been added to perform at the upcoming 56th Annual Grammy Awards show.  Thicke, who’s up for three Grammy's awards, will join the stage with the group Chicago.  Excited about his first appearance on the award show, Thicke took to his Twitter page and told his fans it was a dream come true.

Speaking of this year’s Grammy show, previously announced to bless the stage is Kendrick Lamar. According to reports the Compton MC will perform a special track with rock band Imagine Dragons.  In addition K-Dot, Boyz II Men and Ciara are also slated to perform among others.

Press play and listen to Tha Wire to find out when music's biggest night airs now.  Plus, get more details about MC Serch's new show.