Today in Tha Wire in case you haven't heard, Georgia's own Jacquees, has announced to the world he's the "King of R&B." It's really not that big of a deal, because we all know this isn't true. He's a talented brotha, nobodies tryin' to take that away from him. However, he just got here! Jacquees has got a lot of work to do, before he could ever say he's reached Bobby Brown status.

At the tender age of 24, his musical journey has just begun..LITERALLY. Matter of fact he dropped his one, and only debut album 4275 June 15, 2018! Looking at his Billboard Chart History he's only got 6 singles and out of those, only 4 broke the Top 10. The closest he's got to a #1 song, was At The Club with Dej Loafwhich peaked at #4. So I don't know how Jacqu figures he's accomplished enough to lay claim to such a tittle.

So what do you think? Billboard reports that comment got him a whole lot of attention. He got an immediate reaction from fellow artists, who debated as to whether the young artist earned his stripes or not. The rebuttal came swiftly with a unanimous NO! There's certainly a bright future for Jacquees in the R&B world. There's no doubt about that, but a King he is not. Social media has been on fire ever since the singer made the overly confident statement. Many celebs like R. Kelly, J Holiday, Tyrese, to Tank were down right offended to say the least and warned Jacqu that he might wanna pump his brakes.

Music icon John Legend wasn't impressed with his gutsy boast and said, “Honestly I don’t think there is a king of r&b right now. Anyone consistently dominating the charts, selling out arenas, etc, a la Usher at his prime. Not a comment on quality. I think the throne is open right now,” Legend tweeted. “Part of me is talking myself into saying Bruno or the Weeknd but I’m not sure they neatly fit into the genre.” They don't. For the most part Legend is right. Whoever is the most consistent when it comes to dropping hits, and performing to sold out crowds has the bragging rights.

For me, the only R&B male artist that fits into that category is Chris Brown. Hands down Breezy is the best R&B singer/performer on the planet right now. He has consistently turned out hit, after hit. He's got more than 100 chart topping singles, with at least 9 studio albums, to many Grammy's to count and on-and-on. If there is a King of R&B...Chris is the man.


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