Alright so the talk over the weekend has been about Chad Johnson being a head butter to his wife and the recent news of him being fired from the Miami Dolphins!  I have come up with a list of some potential jobs that I think that he should possibly look at applying for!


5) Since he loves to changes his name alot and doesn't know who he wants to be. Maybe he could be an informant, you know someone who basically snitches and has to change his identity because he can no longer be who he once was. Of course when its all over he can probably change his name back!


4.) How about a crash test dummy,  since he obviously likes bumping into things with his big $%s head. I'm sorry I had to!

Crash Test Dummy Commercial:


3.) If they remake the cartoon for Pinky and The Brain, you know it he could obviously play the role of "The Brain" Check out the clip for those that don't know who I am talking about:

Pinky And The Brain:


2.)This one just came to mind and this one needs no education or experience. Chad Johnson could definately apply for the role of a Clown, because thats exactly what he is to get as many chances as he has and to mess it up again!


Here's one of my favorite clowns and as far as  I know he has not caught a case yet!


1.) The Number one job that Chad Johnson can do since he is without a job! This is a tough one, so I am going to need your help.. Let me know what you think below:



Oh yeah Chad,  Smokey has something to say to you!




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