We all know Joshua is from Westlake, Louisiana. We all know he's extremely talented too. However, we found out a couple interesting facts about our local Idol you may enjoy.

  • 1

    This is not the first time Joshua tried out for American Idol.

    Believe it or not this is his first merry-go-round with American Idol. He auditioned before and was sent packing. But, you know what they say..."if at first you fail try, try again.

  • 2

    He's a great cook.

    Like most Louisiana men, Joshua knows his way around the kitchen and loves to cook. In Louisiana it's customary for men to cook. As a matter of fact, in some families the man is the only cook or his cooking is better than his wife's.

  • 3

    Though he's humble on stage, Joshua is not shy.

    Those who know him best will tell you, he's not quiet or shy. He's actually very loud, outspoken and funny with family and friends.

  • 4

    He loves to hunt and ride dirt bikes

    Joshua is a country boy at heart. Louisiana isn't called the "sportsman's paradise" for nothing and Joshua falls right in with that saying, because he loves to go hunting and ride dirt bikes.

  • 5

    He was a lifeguard.

    It takes a special type of person to be a lifeguard. Yeah it's a lot of fun in the sun, but if an emergency occurs it can be a pretty tough job.

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