After taking a break from trolling Floyd Mayweather on social media, 50 Cent has picked up where he left off.

Hopping on Instagram on Friday afternoon (Oct. 4), Fif took some time to question Mayweather's outfit. For this roasting session, the 44-year-old rapper posted a photo of Mayweather's outfit photoshopped next to an identical photo with an elderly person's face over it.

"Champ on his bullshit again, dats that granny drip," 50 wrote in the caption for the photo.

This is far from the first time this year the legendary rapper has come at Mayweather this year. Back in August, the Queens native continued his long-running joke about Mayweather's alleged inability to read. For this diss, 50 posted a paragraph response to Mayweather, who'd just claimed that the rapper's career was over.

"Tell Floyd I said he won he is the greatest of all time," 50 captioned the post, which included a photo of himself. "And nobody I mean nobody can ever take that away from him what he’s done with his life is amazing. I’m done with all of the back and forth. Now Can Someone Please Read This To Champ. #POSTIVE VIBES."

50's latest Mayweather diss is just the latest of his memorable IG posts over the last few days. The rapper, who performed in Saudi Arabia over the summer, recently went on Instagram to back Chris Brown as this generation's king of R&B. He did so by insisting that the singer dethroned Michael Jackson.

"I would hate to be a R&B nigga right now," 50 wrote in the caption for the post, which includes a video of Breezy doing a spin move. "This fool better then MJ no [cap] #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac."

50 Cent has also been rumored to have bought the movie rights to a 6ix9ine film, though he himself hasn't confirmed that report.

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