The tiny homes movement is on the rise across the U.S., but one thing is clear, the future looks big for enthusiasts downsizing in Louisiana. Tiny living is starting to grow in Louisiana, and I'll provide a variety of reasons in a minute.

One thing is for sure, Louisiana has pulled out the welcome matt for the tiny homes movement and enthusiasts are lovin' the southern hospitality. The average cost to build a tiny home is $40,000 – $120,000 according to Great Lakes Tiny Homes. In many cases, you can build a gorgeous, modern tiny home for less than it costs to buy a new SUV.'s "Tiny House With Big Personality" Curated By Kevin Hart
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1.) Louisiana changed its standard building codes to adopt the International Residential Code (IRC) zoning for tiny houses. Now dwellings less than 400 square feet can be primary residences, vacation homes, or allow for a variety of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) homes. The regulations for tiny houses are included in Appendix Q of the IRC

2.) The state provides a unique backdrop with natural scenery.

3.) Because of the vibrant culture, attractions, year-round festivals, and Creole cuisine the sacrifice of downsizing living space doesn't affect the quality of life.

4.) It's an affordable way of life and an alternative to paying a mortgage for 30 years or  insanely high rent

5.) The average rent is roughly $500 per month or less, which includes, water, sewer, electricity, trash, and lawn services.

6.) Louisiana has tiny home-friendly cities like New Orleans, Alexandria, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Shreveport.

Eco-Friendly "Tiny House" Boasts Sustainable Design At 22 Square Meters
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Tiny homes are also providing those in need or without a place to stay a place of refuge. As one of their last projects of the year, students at Tulane University designed, and built a tiny 440-square-foot home for someone in need in the community.

Benjamin Henry had been homeless for two decades until a tiny home made an enormous difference in his quality of life. Today, he has a home to live in rather than living under an I-10 overpass in New Orleans. Henry said he had been homeless for 20 years.

Louisiana tiny home communities like Burleigh Plantation, provide a cozy social experience and affordable living with lots available at $500 per month and that includes electricity, water, sewer, and lawn service. Burleigh Plantation is located in Southern Louisiana. The tiny community, with a central courtyard.

The community offers pads for parking homes, along with gravel driveways and parking spaces. The lots are available for a monthly fee of $500, which includes water, sewer, electricity, trash, and lawn services.

New tiny communities are in the works in Louisiana like the eco-focused, Santosha Village, and RV park. The tiny community will have roughly approximately 40 residents. An affordable way of life in an environmentally friendly community to call home opening in 2027.

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