First of all, I am a firm believer in growth in the area. I love seeing the city grow, and even better to see more people move to the area, However, I have been here for over Twenty-years, and there are some things that I believe that we can do away with and don't need any more of.

Mexican Restaurant

I love tacos like anyone else and every now and then I can take a nice size burrito, and enjoy it along with a great beverage of choice. But I would like to say that I believe that we truly do have enough Mexican restaurants in the area. It seems like they are popping up on every corner, and sure many of them are busy. How many different wats can you make a taco supreme without ut tasting the same? But do we need any more? There are plenty of new foods that I would love to indulge in aside from Tacos.

Joshua Blanchard


If there is one thing that we are sure to have enough of is potholes. Who wants to think about having their vehicles fixed what may seem like every other week because the roads here are so bad. I can pretty much guarantee you can't travel more than fifteen minutes around Lake Charles, without having to swerve to the middle of the road to keep from hitting that pump in the road. I don't know where the money is going, and what is taking so long, but there are more potholes than we need, and if I didn't see another one I would be just fine.

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Hot Days

Yeah, I know that this one is a little more of a personal request, but we have truly had one hot summer. Can we do away with all of this humidity? Ironically we are in the fall season, and while there have been some pretty cool mornings, the afternoons have been a sweat fest. When I talk to many of my friends in other places like New York and Chicago they actually envy the weather we have. They have no idea that I am the one that feels like I have a reason to be jealous. On top of that, the sooner we can get those cooler temperatures, maybe we can alleviate the chances of more Hurricanes.

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No More Flooding

This goes without saying for many of us here in Lake Charles. After living here for well over twenty years I have never seen the city under so much flooding as I have over the past year. I know that they are trying to work on the flooding issues, but this is really becoming ridiculous here. Certain roads like Enterprise, 4th avenue, and others have long-standing water after it rains continuously for hours. There have been plenty of vehicles. and homes that have been damaged or totaled because of the flooding in Lake Charles.

Erik Tee

Accidents On Interstate 10

This is another one where I am wishful thinking, but if we could finally build the bridge that we are supposed to have that would open it up to a 4 lane bridge (wishful thinking). Maybe that will stop the traffic hiccups that seem to be a regular problem. Everyone is affected from the employees of the plants to the normal everyday person who uses I-10 as a means to avoid the city clutter and usually allows them to get where they're going a little faster.

Erik Tee

That is going to lead me to the very next thing that we could do without and that would be...

Road Constructions

Of course, we have the issues of the traffic being backed up on I-10, but have you ever been traveling on Prien Lake and noticed during the business times it seems like the traffic is down to one lane? That is usually because while most other cities tend to do traffic work overnight, Lake Charles decides to do work in the middle of the day during peak time. It causes delays and lateness for many who really are trying to get somewhere in a timely fashion.

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I know that there are more things that we can truly do without. What would you add to the list of things that Lake Charles doesn't need any more of?


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