Why drive when you can fly? If you have an extra $700 thousand dollars and want to make an investment this handsome 1977 Bell 206B III, Helicopter can go home with you! The gently used aircraft is one of several for sale in Lake Charles on controller.com.

Wouldn't it be cool to own your own helicopter? I would imagine it would even cooler if you could fly it yourself! What I find interesting is the year of the aircraft! It's a 1977 aircraft, so it's 46 years old! But, get this, according to FlighTrader that is nothing but a number.

It is amazing how helicopters and planes hold their value, versus cars. Would you believe the average age of most U.S. commercial planes is 11 years old? Here's something else, it's not uncommon for planes to be in service for 24, 25, or even 30 years. In the meantime, take a look at this baby!


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