In case you haven't heard, Louisiana is the best state in the U.S.  We have the best food, the most festivals and our own music. We look different here, thanks to our rich Creole, French, Indian, African, Spanish, German and Irish cultures in Louisiana.  Because of this we talk different -- so you gotta pay attention.

Though the movie Waterboy took things to the extreme, we do eat some different things in Louisiana as well.  So if your partial to a limited food group, your palate's not gonna know what hit it.

One thing is true, we will Bobby Boucher your a** if you talk about our mama!  Aside from that, you'll never meet a stranger here in the good ol' boot state. Louisiana folk are some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet.

So, if thinking about visiting our lovely state, come on down Boo!  Below is a small list of things you need to know, before you get here:

1.) Louisiana is home to the best cooks in the world.  Here men cook more and in some cases, better than the women.  No matter where you go, people are gonna try to feed you. That's just how we are.  So feel free to eat 'til your heart's content.  However if you're the particular type, ask what's in the sauce piquante.

2.) We got our own music, so we dance to a different beat here.  So if you know like I know, you better learn how to two-step Sha.

3.) We live and die by four things in Louisiana: Music, Festivals, Alcohol and Food.  So get a lot of rest before you get here.  We even have drive-thru daiquiri shops!

4.) In Louisiana we have a festival for everything!  From Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, The Essence Festival to the Frog, Rabbit and Fur Festivals.  We have a festival for every month of the year!  Speaking of which, make sure you keep the following three things on hand at all times: a lawn chair, an ice chest and a bag to catch throws.

5.) If you're asked: Are you going "get down?"  You're not being asked to dance or hide. We want to know if you're getting out of the car.  Here's a couple of other sayings you may hear on the way to the grocery store.  "I'm going make some grocery." That simply means they're going to the store.  When returning from the store you may hear, "I'm going save my grocery."  That just means they're going to put the groceries away.

6.) If you don't want to get a vicious stare-down or possibly your block knocked off, it would be wise to answer " yes ma'am or sir and no ma'am or sir" when answering or speaking to an elder.

7.) Never, ever say something bad about the Saints or LSU.  We don't play dat.  We love our football teams..."and know you know dat!"

8.) You will never starve in Louisiana.  We eat EVERYTHING, from the rotter to the tooter! Along with our famous King Cake, beignets, PralinesGumbo, Étouffée, and Jambalaya. Don't be surprised if you see  Alligator, Frog Legs, Crawfish, Turtle soup or other strange dishes on the buffet line.

9.) It is VERY hot here. Except for January and February, our winters are very mild and our summers are scorching. Temperatures and humility can get well into the 100s all at the same time.  You can stand still and still be wringing wet from the moisture in the air and heat.

10.) No two cities are alike in Louisiana.  Every city you visit is going to be totally different from the others. The people even talk different from one place to the next.  The only thing all Louisianians have in common, see #3.

P.S.- We don't spell or pronounce things like everybody else either.  For example: Hebert is not pronounced as it's spelled.  For that matter, nothing is.  In Louisiana, Hebert is pronounced A-Bear.  On the other hand, "Go" is pronounced "Go," but it's sometimes spelled GEAUX. As a matter of fact, "O" is spelled EAUX in just about everybody's name with an "O" sound and the end...

Dat should be enough to get you started, Sha!  I don't wanna confuse you and yo mama an dem. We want ya'll to come see.  Come on down and les bon temps roule!  Below is OUR version of Pharrell Williams "Happy."  Performed in beautiful Lake Charles, LA. by Zydeco artist Sean Ardoin I think you'll like it!

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