What's going on?  It looks like fighting or shooting people is turning a terrifying trend.  It's truly getting to the point where people can't go anywhere without fear of being shot, trampled or killed.  Or some idiot is throwing something on the stage!  Now, another club brawl has taken place during a high profile concert.


This time, the concert featured A$AP Rocky and his A$AP Mob.  While the performing a concert goer hurled a full can of bear at Rocky and lets just say, they didn't go over well.  Press play to get all of the details.

In other news, Weezy is selling one of his properties in Kenner, Louisiana.  So, if you happen to be in the


market for a new crib you might wanna check into it.  Meanwhile, you might also wanna be a lawn mower, weed eater and some round-up with you.  Cause word has it, the property is a mess.  Speaking of Lil Wayne, his label Cash Money is back in the news for "shady business dealings".  You know I got the scoop on all of the above, so tune into Tha Wire now.

Also, while on the "Make It Rain Tour" Fabolous, dropped more than $20,000 for a job well done to the strippers at Diamonds in the ATL.  For the 411, press play now for Tha Wire: 



You would think we have enough singing competition shows on TV right?  WRONG!  There's apparently room for one more!!!!!!  As a matter of fact, former American Idol, Jordan Sparks has signed on to be one of the judges on a up and coming CBS singing show called.....Teen Icon.

The series does exactly what it suggests, looks for America's most talented teenager.  Featuring contestants between the ages of 12-19.  Jordan will be joined by other celeb judges Jesse McCartney, '80's teen star Tiffany, and a fourth judge yet to be announced.

This show will be a tad bit different, because it will reportedly find "Icon" hopefuls around the world (English speaking countries) like Canada, the U.K., Australia and South Africa.  Though no premiere date has been set, auditions are going to take place in the next few weeks.

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