A$AP Rocky has been in the news lately over some comments that people apparently took out of context. This came from an interview that he did last year where he addressed the so called Band wagoners of the Black Lives Matter movement and decided to get with The Breakfast Club to talk about the interview he did last year and clarify his statements.


The interview was very informative and A$AP broke it down and talked about this and more. There is definitely a crew of people who can get anything out of you and The Breakfast Club is that unit. Check out the full interview below.


A$AP Rocky Talks With The Breakfast Club:

Alright family what is your take on the interview and did he clarify his words correctly. I feel like it's still a very sensitive subject right now and you really have to choose your words wisely when you're talking about any movement at the moment. Check out the video from his latest album "A.L.L.A".


A$AP Rocky- "Everyday":


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