I am a big fan of 'Key and Peele', as a matter of fact my son just bought me both seasons for my birthday last month. One of the funniest segments on the show is when Peele plays the role of the president and his co host Key does the angry translator Luther.

We all knew it was only a matter of time before this character made it to the White House and man did he make it. Over the weekend, the White House held it's annual Correspondent dinner and Luther made his way on to the stage. While I guess you have to be a fan to really understand his warped since of humor. The fact of the matter is this guy is funny, but not someone whose bad side you want to get on. Check out the clip below of the two in action.

If you want to laugh then you need to go and check out some older episodes of these guys as they will have you in stitches. They just wrapped up season 3 and I am sure that they are currently working to finish season 4 as we speak. Props to the President for being a real guy and having a sense of humor.


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