As the state of Louisiana begins to slowly reopen after a year of nothing, we are beginning to see events slowly pop back up. They may not be exactly how we remember them to be, but I say any momentum forward is progress. Concerts are being booked, bands are returning to bars, and festivals are being whispered to make comebacks.

The Angola Rodeo seems to be one of the events making its return to society. Tickets went on sale for it back in November, but you can still purchase them for the next rodeo this spring. The rodeo will be on May 22 and 23 of this year, but there are some changes being put in place. As a ticket holder, according to their website, you are assuming all COVID-19 risks involved with being around others in the stadium.

It seems cell phones and smart watches are now being allowed on the rodeo grounds along with bags, although none larger than 12x6x12 inches in total. They also mention that for this rodeo, at least, there will be no tickets sold for just the hobbycraft area. You must buy the whole rodeo ticket, which includes the craft area, in order to shop around. I would assume this is to help control the amount of people attending the rodeo itself.

Hopefully, we will begin to see more events like this start to pop up around us as we get more into the summer season. It is certainly a little glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel we have been in for over a year now.

You can buy your tickets online at the website.

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