Alright people, its been a while since I did a little recap on some of the latest music, but here are two new releases that you may want to add to your collection. The first is Young Jeezy's new release "TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition" and then Anthony Hamilton's " Back to Love."To kick things off, let me say that Jeezy, the snowman or whomever you decide to call him -- as long as you sign the check -- really came back in a major way. There has been a lot of flack that Jeezy has been dealing with from beefs with Rick Ross, hosts of radio shows talking down on him and the fact that other then himself, nobody else from the label can really get a major hit. With "TM 103," he has really kicked it up a notch and this new one is really worth the wait. A couple of standout tracks are "Way To Gone" featuring new artist Future and "This One's For You," featuring the legendary Trick Daddy.  The entire CD is off the chain and not that he has lost it, but if he did, he is now back to his spot!  "TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition" is available in stores today!!


Now, although you gotta have your G-riding music, you got to have your R&B, and that is where we are going next with the release of the one and only Anthony Hamilton. His newest release "Back to Love" does not disappoint at all. With me being a fan, I had to cop the deluxe release as it features four additional tracks, but even if you don't want to spend the extra dollars, the original is just as good. A few tracks that really stood out to me were "Woo," which was written by Babyface, and "I'll Wait for You," which is also a hot one. If you love really southern-fried soul music, then this is the one you need in your collection. From the very first day that I picked it up, it has been in my player. These are some real good stocking stuffers, if you're trying to shop for the G's and the lovers. Go out and pick these up today! Happy holiday shopping!!!

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