Anthony Hamilton and the Hamiltones return with their latest cover, this time it’s of 2 Chainz latest hit single, “Watch Out,” and the guys are in the kitchen cooking while they sing.

The YouTube video has already caught the eye of 2 Chainz himself, the mastermind behind the song and the “Dabbing Santa” Ugly Christmas Sweaters they’re wearing in the video. The funniest part of the video is where the guy at the sink, J. Vito, is washing disposable cups and drying them off. Don’t act like you’ve never washed a Solo cup before, we’re all guilty.

2 Chainz Instagram Post

In 2014 the Hamiltones sang their rendition of "Momma I Love You… P.O.P., Hold It Down!” The lyrics came from a viral video of Port Arthur, Texas native Donna Goudeau, "the blind getaway driver," pleading her innocence to a news crew before she was taken away to jail.

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