Birdman's interview with The Breakfast Club is the gift that keeps on giving. The Cash Money Records boss' outburst has provided social media with tons of content to work with since it aired last Friday (April 22). Now, The Hamiltones are getting in on the fun.

Anthony Hamilton's backup singers have done their own renditions of memes before, so it's only right that Birdman's recent exploits get the soulful treatment. The Hamiltones used Birdman's now infamous line of "When y’all say my name, put some respeck on it" as the basis to create this hilarious track.

The three singers are seen on their tour bus as they snap along to and sing their creation titled "Respeck." The Hamiltones do some of their best work yet as the employ different lines from the interview along the way.

The Hamiltones' new remix of Birdman's interview is just the latest in a cavalcade of memes, parodies, songs and more that have been released since The Breakfast Club appearance went viral.

Since the incident occurred, Birdman has apologized for his actions. DJ Envy relayed a message from the New Orleans native after the interview aired.

"I spoke to Birdman after that and he did apologize,” DJ Envy said. “He said he would love to come back up here and talk to us. He said he wanted to talk to [Charlamagne] face-to-face as well."

Trick Daddy and Rick Ross, who became part of the brief discussion when Charlamagne tha God brought up their names, have both taken opportunities to mock the situation. Trick Daddy antagonized Birdman on Instagram while Ross sent Charlamagne a bottle of Belaire Rose.

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