A$AP Rocky opens up about his criminal past before his fiasco in Sweden.

In an upcoming episode of Angie Martinez's Untold Stories of Hip-Hop, Rocky admits that he once faced an attempted murder at the age of 16. In a clip from the episode that was uploaded online on Sunday (Oct. 20), Rocky opens up about the attempted murder charge that changed his life. Rocky tells Angie about his experience selling drugs at a young age. Once he hustled for a while, a bully confronted Rocky.

"He tried to come at me in front of some ladies," Rocky said about his first encounter with the bully. "I was little. He was older than me."

After the first encounter, Rocky and his cousin showed up to a woman's residence where the bully was staying at. They were armed, but they intended to simply talk to the man. Once their conversation went in a negative direction, Rocky believed the man was reaching for a gun. This prompted Rocky to open fire.

"I just started letting off," Rocky said about the confrontation. "I ain't wanted to hit him. They hit me with attempted murder at first, then it kept getting dropped down."

Rocky was arrested shortly after the shooting. In the beginning, Rocky was charged with attempted murder. However, due to his age at the time and the nature of the crime, Rocky's charge was reduced. Nonetheless, the Harlem rapper had to spend some time on Rikers Island, a time in which he says Casanova defended him while they were both locked up.

Tune in to Untold Stories of Hip-Hop on WETV at 10 p.m. EST to catch Rocky's episode.

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