One of the men involved in A$AP Rocky's street fight in Sweden has reportedly charges against him dropped.

According to a report Page Six published on Monday (July 22), the Swedish man who was involved in Rocky's street brawl in Stockholm had been under investigation for suspicion of assault, abuse and attempted assault. In a press release issued by the Swedish Prosecution Authority, a spokesperson said the investigation into the man in question has ended and all prior charges against the man have been dropped.

“The preliminary investigation in that matter is now discontinued and the injured party is no longer suspected of any crime,” the Swedish Prosecution Authority said of the man, who was originally reported to have been under investigation for molestation and assault more than two weeks ago.

The Swedish official in charge of the investigation, Senior Public Prosecutor Daniel Suneson, agrees that the unnamed man was asked by Rocky's bodyguard to leave the area "repeatedly" before the fight began. However, Suneson says that this man may have had grounds to defend himself once the situation escalated.

“When he refuses to leave, the other person first pushes him away and then takes a grip around the other person's neck and lifts him away a few meters. In this situation, the person throws his headphones on the notifier, and tries to hand out battles, which may be considered as right to self-defense,” Suneson said.

Meanwhile, the investigation of Rocky and his crew continues. Suneson reportedly requested more time, which will leave Rocky and two of his friends at the Kronoberg Detention Center until July 25. That's when the decision will be made on how to indict the Harlem rapper. President Trump claims that he's in contact with the Swedish Prime Minister to help free Rocky. However, there's no guarantee that Trump's involvement will affect anything.

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