More than two weeks after he was arrested on suspicion of assault in Sweden, A$AP Rocky will have to remain behind bars.

According to a report TMZ published Friday morning (July 19), a Swedish judge has taken the prosecutors' side and ordered the Harlem rapper to be kept in jail at least until next Thursday (July 25). Prosecutors want him behind bars because they believe the rapper is a flight risk. Prosecutors will continue their investigation before making their decision about whether to indict Rocky on the assault charge next Thursday.

In an interesting note, Swedish prosecutors issued a press release saying they would indict Rocky and two other members of his crew on "crimes of abuse, assault and attempted assault." A short while later, TMZ reported that the prosecutors issued a new press release without the claim that they would indict the rapper and his crew members. It's unclear why this happened, but it looks they're getting more time to investigate the matter.

Rocky was originally arrested on July 2 for fighting a Swedish man in the streets of Stockholm, Sweden with his crew. The fight transpired after two men followed Rocky and his crew down the street and Rocky and company told them to stop. In a video that seemingly captures most of the interaction, we can see one of the two men hit a member of Rocky's team with their headphones. In another video, we see a woman tell Rocky that one of the men had touched her butt. In a video provided by TMZ, we see Rocky and his team attacking one of the men.

XXL has reached out to Rocky's attorney for comment.

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