Ashanti is by far a name that many know in the music industry. She debuted back in 2004 with Murder Inc by appearing on several songs from then label mate Ja Rule. She eventually solidified her own place on the charts with several gold and platinum albums and singles that had the ladies reciting them word from word.

Well she has finally returned and is now on her own label and doing things her way. She dropped her new single and video and I believe that she may have one. The single touches on people talking to much and probably needing to say less when it comes to things that don't know anything about.

The video shows how things can really be slanted if all of the information is not placed out there for people to see. In other words if you don't know the full story, then keep your mouths closed. Check out the video featuring Ty Dolla $ign.


Ashanti- "Say Less":

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